your donation allows us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and provide life-long care for birds-in-need. Every dollar helps! 

your donation allows us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and provide life-long care for birds-in-need. Every dollar helps! 

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For $10 to $15 a month you can, provide the basic necessities for one of our many rescued residents. 

When you sponsor a rescued bird, you receive a certificate of sponsorship with a full-color photo of your chosen friend and his or her biography. You can also email us any time for updates/photos on your sponsored bird friend!

Sponsoring a bird in the name of a friend or loved one also makes a great gift. We'll send out an adoption certificate to your friend announcing your sponsorship gift. 

Can't decide which bird is the cutest? You can also make a one-time donation.

Power Couples

Superstar Survivors


Cinnamon, the founding hen of Hen Harbor, is one of 50,000 hens who were abandoned to starve to death inside a massive egg facility in 2012. She was one of the lucky few thousand who were made it out alive.
As of March 2018, she is almost 8 years old! Cinnamon loves to preen her flockmates' faces by pecking gently at them to remove all traces of dirt and other unsightly matter.

In Memory of Maiz

Maiz was emaciated and unable to walk when a visiting family spotted her at a petting zoo and scooped her up. 

After reviving her with some food and water, the kind family brought her to Hen Harbor. Sadly, she passed away from cancer just a few months after she arrived but she will always be loved and remembered. 

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Gaby was bred to lay too many eggs and had to have surgery to remove stuck eggs! 

As a refugee from the egg industry, Gaby was bred to lay so many eggs that she needed surgery to cure her life-threatening reproductive disease. Today with the help of hormone implants, she runs around the sanctuary freed from the burden of egg-laying.   

As of February 2018, she is a senior hen at the age of 7, and has lived almost 4 times longer than any of the millions of hens utilized by the egg industry. 


Cute Stuff and Breeze

cute stuff and breeze escaped certain death after being dumped in a parking lot. .     


Cute Stuff and Breeze were park of a flock of tiny chickens living in a parking lot. Nobody gave them food or water, and the flock shrank as predators or starvation killed each one.
Finally, Cute Stuff and Breeze fled the parking lot and flew up into a tree on the sidewalk, just feet away from speeding cars on a busy street. Luckily, a kind passerby spotted and saved them.  
Upon arrival, Cute Stuff had terrible scaly leg mites and Breeze's respiratory infection took weeks to heal. Their traumatic shared experience makes their bond unbreakable.  


Puff and Mopsy

Puff and mopsy have never been apart for MORE THAN one minute in the last 4 years. 

Mopsy and Puff came together as a couple around 2014. Puff's calm, sedate nature offsets Mopsy's nervous, jumpy energy. The huge cascade of feathers atop Mopsy's head makes it hard for him to see properly, so they must be trimmed away from his eyes regularly.
Being half-blind can be nerve-wracking, so Mopsy and Puff moved to a quiet corner of the yard in their own small house. They've since been joined by a very small rooster and a group of older hens who also enjoy quiet time away from the main crowd.   


Autumn and Thumbelina

Autumn loves being a house rooster and watches over any hens recovering from illness or surgery. 

Autumn was dropped off at an overcrowded animal shelter in Southern California. He caught the eye of a shelter volunteer by running up to the kennel door and strutting jubilantly whenever she walked past. At Hen Harbor, he is a happy house rooster and enjoys providing comfort to hens who are in hospice care or recovering from injuries.  
Thumbelina is a part-time house hen who comes inside to visit Autumn whenever the weather is either too cold or too warm for her tiny little body. She is very round and has short little legs. 



 Kaley loves to eat kale and hunt for snacks in the fields. 

Kaley loves to eat kale and hunt for snacks in the fields. 

These  days, Kaley’s a Chatty Cathy who loves to eat kale. But her past was far from carefree.

Purchased as a mail-order chick along with several baby chickens, she was badly neglected in a tiny dark shed. Many of her companions died of starvation before neighbors convinced Kaley’s captor to relinquish custody of the birds. 


Henry and Mallard

 HENRY LOVES TO MEET NEW PEOPLE AND WILL GREET YOU WITH outspread WINGS, with mallard at his side! 

HENRY LOVES TO MEET NEW PEOPLE AND WILL GREET YOU WITH outspread WINGS, with mallard at his side! 

Although he was imprinted upon humans as a gosling, his caretakers decided he should find other geese to bond with and lead a normal goose life. Instead he met Mallard, a lonely duck who lost his previous goose mate tragically.

Now they are inseparable. Wherever Henry goes, he is tailed by Mallard, who will never let him out of his sight. 


Fiona and Jorge

FIONA & jORGE were both household pets until they grew into roosters. They are best buds. 

Fiona was just 5 months old when someone dumped him &  his 3 siblings on the side of the road. A kind passerby picked him up and took him home. However, when Fiona started crowing, the human neighbors in his suburban home were not tolerant.
Here he has fallen into a partnership with Jorge -- another sweet guy who was abandoned, rescued, but then rejected for his crowing. At Hen Harbor, Jorge and Fiona spend a lot of time scratching the soil in a hunt for tasty bugs. Whenever Jorge uncovers a tasty snack, he will call Fiona over with a series of quick, high-pitched chirps!  



leafy greens are the key to keeping dear dandelion's weight down. 

Dandelion came from a live market, where animals are purchased and killed on the spot for customers. When a  passerby spotted her huddled under a crate, overlooked by her would-be killers, she scooped her up and brought her to safety.


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter loves to meander through the foliage looking for a good grub. 

Peanut Butter is one of 9 backyard hens who were dropped off at Hen Harbor after their egg-laying declined and their caretaker suffered health problems. Since her arrival, three of Peanut Butter's 9 flock mates have passed away during surgery to address egg-laying issues.
Peanut Butter is a trooper, however, and can always be found underneath the grapevine next to the duck pond. Her favorite companion is a stoic speckled rooster named Carter, who stands guard over her all day as she tills the soil looking for a grub. 



Creepy Dave and Anarchy

creepy dave and anarchy are kindred souls 

Creepy Dave was so distraught when he lost his first true love that he wandered the yard aimlessly for a week and fought with everyone. Eventually he was beaten up so badly that he lost vision in one eye.
When he finally healed from his injuries and was able to go outside again, he found a brand-new hen had arrived during his convalescence. Anarchy was a classic speckled siren with a wanderlust that would not be quelled.  That changed when she met Creepy Dave. Sparks flew and she settled down in his coop. 


Easter and Snowy

from egg machine to "stewing hen" to sanctuary sweetheart, jasmine is a true survivor! 

Easter and Snowy are both birds with special needs and therefore are permanent house chickens. Easter developed cataracts in both eyes and is completely blind. She used to wander around the house and get stuck under furniture or in just in a corner.
When Snowy arrived, picked up from a parking lot, he was close to death. He weighed under a pound, could not walk, and had a violent tremor in his legs.
With supportive care, Snowy can now walk, perch, and (barely) crow, but the neurological damage that left him with a tremor is permanent. He loves to follow Easter around and call her back with soft clucking noises, to ensure she never gets lost anymore.  



JOSEPHINE had no rooster in her flock, so she STARTED CROWING! 

With no rooster in her urban flock of backyard hens, Josephine assumed the role and began crowing -- behavior that unfortunately more often than not leads to death for an urban-dwelling hen.

At Hen Harbor, with plenty of roosters and a natural flock dynamic, Josephine no longer crows. 


Butternsnickle and Pea Cookie

someone pushed buttersnickle out of a van at a park and drove away leaving him stunned and alone. 

Buttersnickle was pushed out of a van at a public park in the middle of the night. Confused and scared, he waddled up to the first person he saw -- who just happened to be an animal lover!
Pea Cookie was dropped off at an animal shelter as a downy duckling in the early summer of 2013. When she saw Buttersnickle she instantly attached herself to him, and he accepted.
Both were likely "Easter pets," purchased as fluffy ducklings in the spring, and then abandoned when their messy ways became too much to handle. Although they have been joined by other duck friends over the years, they are still each other's favorite companion



penny was saved from a small slaughterhouse in downtown los angeles by a caring young woman. 

Because Penny was bred to be killed as a "meat" bird, she was sent to die before she even laid her first egg. Luckily, a teenager living near the slaughterhouse cared enough to save Penny's life, purchasing her life for the price of a large Starbuck's coffee. 

Eventually, Penny outgrew the small apartment and when she arrived at Hen Harbor, she was instantly at ease and secure with herself.  



moby is thoughtful and serene. 

Moby was spotted by a university student hiding in a bush alongside a campus trail. The feathers of his dead brother, killed the night before, were scattered along the trail. 

He is a very thoughtful and serene young bird with a stylish comb. 



smoothie was spared only because her feathers were too smooth for slaughterhouse customers. 

Even though Smoothie is a silkie, a very popular breed of pet chicken, she was slated for death at a specialty slaughterhouse. 

But because her feathers grew in full and smooth --rather than as the soft and wispy fluff for which silkie chickens are known -- no slaughterhouse customer wanted her and she was given away for free.   



beeker grew up with humans and loves to be held. 

Every year, untold thousands of baby chicks are hatched in classrooms without any thought as to their destiny once they are hatched. While hens may go home with a student to be a family pet, families are far less likely to want to adopt chicks who mature into roosters. Beeker was one such rooster who got lucky and found home at Hen Harbor. 


Screecher and Chipper

Screecher emits high-pitched screeches and flaps his wings fiercely whenever he feels his best hen friend is in trouble. 

Screecher is a tiny little rooster with luxuriant ebony feathers. Chipper is his soul mate. After being abandoned in a public park, they were barely scraping out an existence when a group of park visitors sicced their pet dog on Chipper. Screecher flew to her aid, flapping his wings and screeching loudly at the dog until other people noticed and intervened. 

At Hen Harbor, the two have remained close. They go exploring during the day and sleep in their own little house together at night. 


Elmer and Red 

elmer went on a car ride to meet his long-lost hen companion, red. They are totally in love. 

Elmer and Red were purchased as chicks and raised together. Elmer is very lucky to have survived, because most male chicks are killed upon hatching by hatchery workers since most people want only pet hens.
The pair were separated when their care-giver gave them up. When he came to Hen Harbor, Elmer spent 2 weeks in a depression, believing he would never see Red again. When we realized Red was at the animal shelter, we retrieved her to be reunited with Elmer, who was beside himself with joy at the sight of his long-lost companion!