Hen harbor gives permanent sanctuary to nearly 100 chickens and waterfowl.



Just like dogs & cats, scores of homeless hens (& roosters!) are looking for love. 



Sponsor a bird, and take a sweet tax deduction! Sponsorships make great gifts!



When a hen's egg-laying wanes around the age of two, she is considered "spent" and is brutally killed -- both by the egg industry and backyard flock keepers — usually at around 2 years old. A wild chicken can live over 10 years.

Hatcheries grind up billions of baby roosters alive because they are useless to the egg industry. Backyard chicken-keepers who wind up with roosters abandon them in parks, along roadsides and in animal shelters, where almost all of them perish.

Every spring, people purchase cute ducklings, chicks, and goslings on a whim. Most wind up being dumped at parks or ponds, where —like any domesticated pet — they perish from starvation, exposure to the elements, and predator attacks.